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The companion guide was incredibly helpful in guiding me through the book Pursued. It helped me connect with my son who has been struggling immensely with substance abuse.

Sara J.

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About the Companion Guide

Most of our clients have had the best results using the companion guide in tandem with the book with the addiction cycle graphs interspersed at relevant intervals. Some studies on resiliency have found that one deep and intentional relationship between an invested, stable, and responsible adult and someone who is at-risk/ abusing substances can increase resilience by up to 80%. This is the reason I designed the Companion Guide. It is my greatest hope that those who who read the book and use the companion guide will be able to develop this type of relationship with their struggling friends and family so that they can stand an 80% higher chance of battling through their addictions and coming out on top! The humorous stories bring up very deep conversation points in a way that is not embarassing for either party but will deepen relationship, increase understanding, and help the addict not feel so alone in their battles, rebellion, and brokenness. The companion will help both parties assess a variety of things including where the addict has failed to create healthy boundaries so that they are letting bad influences in and keeping good ones out, where the parent has begun enabling their child and fueling their poor behavior, numerous tools and resources for replacing bad habits with goods ones, and valuable information that may help to create a mindset switch. The companion guide is designed to be used to develop a deeper relationship between parent and child, counselor and counselee, mentor and mentee, older sibling and younger sibling, responsible (non substance abusing) adult and troubled youth, responsible (non substance abusing) adult and substance abusing adult, or anyone else who is struggling alone and longing for a deeper relationship with those who love them! If you are overwhelmed with the amount of free resources and need a walk through you can purchase our video series at the web store which is designed to help you make a battle plan and take you through all the resources step by step!
Many of our clients have found it beneficial to use our
customized one-on-ones when they are first trying to kick their butt into gear and create momentum towards healing. Afterwards they will typically schedule a few more sessions as they go through the resources and develop more insightful ideas and objectives, or when portions of the book affect them deeply and touch an issue or root problem that they would like to address in more detail. These customized one on one's go a step further than the video series by allowing you to meet with me personally to go over the resources and create a customized battle plan. These meetings are virtual and can be scheduled in the workshops section or the web store via either of the links above! What are you waiting for? Sign up now to help your love one stand an 80% higher chance of battling through their addictions and coming out on top! It's going to be a long, hard journey, but I hope that the book and other resources will bring you a bit of joy, humor, and hope, in the many difficult steps between here and freedom. Please enter your email below to receive the addiction cycle graphs and charts and companion guide!